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Unveiling the Writer

I am a creative, a mother, a wife. Whatever I'm doing - creative work, teaching or advocacy - it usually involves writing. For many years I wrote speeches, press releases, grant proposals, and testimony in support of environmental advocacy campaigns. In 1996 I decided to leave my position as the director of The Florida Public Interest Research Group and pursue an MA in English with an emphasis in creative writing at Florida State University, followed by an MFA from the Rainer Writing Workshop. I haven’t looked back. 

I've published fiction and non-fiction, taught creative writing and literature, and continued to work with a variety of non-profits, with a focus on crafting a compelling story as the key to success. I've written strategic plans, annual reports, editorials, countless fundraising appeals, and some very fun newsletters.

My creative ventures live at the intersection of the personal and political, and often focus on the particular challenges of parenting boys as an older mother in the 21st century. That and staying sane!

I hope you enjoy the writing on these pages. Please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like me to write for you or you'd like to see more examples of my work.

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